Christmas, New Years, Studio Blog, and New Feature.

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–/Good day, Earthlings.

We’re hoping all is well with you and yours’. It’s been a while… but don’t think we’ve forgotten about you. We just finished spending time with our families and friends for Christmas and New Year’s – by the way, Happy New Year to you all! But now we’re back, and ready for action! The recordings are now complete, the mixes are underway, the artwork is in the creation process, and the final two of the four Studio Blog videos (see our YouTube at are waiting to be uploaded. The last two videos will be uploaded as we approach “To Light the Coals of Hearts” release date. Be excited. It’s SO close. At the current moment, we are working on ways of replicating, for live performances, the songs that we’ve recorded (this is the fun part).

We’ll be giving you more updates, now that the holidays have passed, as to what is going on with the album and other goodies. We have a new feature that will be unveiling soon… and we’re pretty excited about it (more information in the video below). Be sure to check out Day 10.2 of the Studio Blog Series:

Keep an eye our for Days 10.3 and the final video 10.4 – coming soon! 😀


Travi.s and Human./–


Some Videos!

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Album Teaser and Promo!

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Listen to a quick teaser preview of the songs at our myspace

and here is a little promo!

I know it’s been forever, and I hope you didn’t forget about us! So let us know what you all think.

Wii Game Music.

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So I wrote the music score to a new Wii game and if you like bowling.. in space… with monsters… or aliens, then I think you should check it out. You can find it in your local Walmart and Gamestop.. and I think Bestbuy too but I haven’t seen it there yet. Anyways, the score alone is worth the low price of 20 dollars 😉

Destineer Announces Alien Monster Bowling League
Aliens, monsters, and bowlers.

August 4, 2009 – MINNEAPOLIS, MN – You might be the best bowler in the world, but are you the best bowler in the Galaxy? Find out this fall! Destineer is proud to announce Alien Monster Bowling League, the interstellar bowling game for Wii. Compete against humans, aliens and monsters in a bowling competition unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It takes more than a good hook shot to compete in the AMBL: Power Moves, Special Balls and Whammies bring a whole new dimension to the lanes for a bowling experience that is out of this world!

Fearsome Competitors: Take to the lanes against various aliens and legendary monsters like werewolves, vampires, zombies and more! Each of your fearsome foes has a unique special bowling ability, so get ready for some big surprises!

Galactic Bowling: You’ve never seen bowling like this. Unleash special throws with the Sonic Ball, Split Ball, Ghost Ball, Nitrous Ball and Clone Ball. Disrupt your opponent’s turn with Whammies that twist the lane, cause earthquakes, fire lasers and create other cosmic conundrums!

Multiple Modes of Mayhem: Face off against progressively stranger league bowlers in Campaign Mode or jump right into Quick Play Mode. Challenge a friend in head-to-head multiplayer and take on a test of pure bowling skill without power-ups or Whammies in Regular Mode.

Stellar Controls: Aim for the high score with intuitive controls that require only the Wii Remote.

Alien Monster Bowling League is scheduled for a fall release from Destineer and developer PerpetualFX. For more information, please visit


Also, the game under the title Galactic Bowling, although slightly similiar and with some different levels is also available on the Iphone/Ipod in the app store. It’s only a buck on there!


And in other news, the album is being mixed and let me tell you, it sounds amazing! I am so stoked on it right now, the drums sound huge and the guitars will melt faces.. and I am talking about the ballads. Just hang in there 2 more weeks and we will have something for you all!

Invisible Children, Jack Bandit, NSMB Wii, Mixing and Mastering.

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Greetings, my fellow Humans.

It was great to see so many people at the Invisible Children Benefit Concert this past weekend at the Vault. Hopefully you all had as much fun as we did, and ate a burger or two at the OnBeingHuman BBQ Bash beforehand (it’s become a staple for our shows at the Vault). It was also good to see and hear (bwa-na-na!) Jack Bandit! For those who don’t remember, the lead singer of Jack Bandit, Anthony Jaeger, use to play bass for us. Anyway, it was good to see that he’s still alive and kicking. And really good. Not mention, Michael Pulliam’s harmonies rocked as well. 🙂

In other news, the album is currently being mixed in New York. I don’t know if I should say who’s mixing it yet though – for various reasons. Just know he’s a great guy for the job. 🙂 And also, I just pre-ordered New Super Mario Bros Wii. I’m super excited about that. I’ll be posting some more updates as they come up. Dates.

Travis and Human.

Couple of Video Updates..

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and in case you missed it

Motion, German, Christian Bale, To Light the Coals of Hearts.

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Hello Everyone,

As always, we’ve been a busy bunch… with recording, editing, mixing, meetings, and practicing – we are in the state of constant motion. In fact, just this past week: we finished recording, finished editing, had a meeting with Chris and Gwen Adams (our German counterparts), visited Christian Bale in Westfield, acted in the show The Real Housewives of Orange County (no joke – check your local listings), and came up with the title of our upcoming album. We are busy dudes… but at least we enjoy ourselves during the process. 🙂 On Wednesday, of this week, we will begin the mixing process (Oh, joy!). And soon, you all will be able to enjoy it yourselves. 🙂

Now, onto the album itself… we have officially titled the album “To Light the Coals of Hearts”. And the track listings are as follows (in the words of Jason Baker and Samuel Jackson, “Hold on to your butts…”):

“To Light the Coals of Hearts”

01. Come With Us
02. Tidal Wave
03. LostSignal
04. BrinstarUltra
05. L.U.M.A.
06. Beneath the Burning Rays
07. White Gems in the Sky
08. This Great Revolution
09. Ceres XIV
10. Love’s as Fierce as Fire
11. Things We Learn While We’re Away (The Little Prince)
12. In the Midst of Sunken Ships
13. A Conversation Between Two Planets

Be excited. The wait will be over soon…

Travis and Human.