Quotes from San Francisco

So, Greg and I ventured to San Francisco this past weekend with Kevin Garcia from I Am Cassettes. Great band. Check them out. During our trip I took note of a few things that we said:

Travis: As we’re getting closer to San Francisco, I’m beginning to feel more liberal.
Greg: Really? I think I’m feeling more conservative.

Kevin: Hmmm… no one has tweeted me back yet.
Greg: It’s been thirty seconds.

Greg: Her dad was the CEO of (censored)… she was really hot…
Travis: That’s it?
Greg: I think I’ve said all that needs to be said.

Kevin: Sometimes asians have really big boobs and they look cool.

Greg: Not all whores are prostitutes, but all prostitutes are whores by default… occasionally prostitutes can be sluts too.

Greg: … I don’t even know how to respond to this… I hate having to flirt with chicks.

Kevin: I once ate Subway with olives. I ate it at 11… crapped it out at 1… I’ll never forget that…

Travis: Whoa… those people are messed up looking.
Greg: … That’s because we’re watching a cartoon.

Kevin: Is that salt water?
Greg: … it’s the ocean.

Kevin: San Francisco has fog, Ontario has smog.
Greg: Kevin has a log.

Kevin: What did the gun on the sword do in Final Fantasy 8, again?
Greg: It shot things.

Travis: Bioshock. Seriously, an amazing game. You guys have to play it! I beat it 14 times. 7 times on the XBOX 360… it was so good that I purchased it for the PS3 as well. I beat it 7 times there too.
Kevin: Why did you play it so many times?
Travis: It’s that good. It only takes about 7-10 hours to beat. I mean, it’s like how you sit down to beat Mario all the time.
Greg: Yeah, but Mario only takes 6 minutes.



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