Travis’ E3 Recap

I just watched all of the press conferences of E3, which is, for those who do not know, one of the biggest gaming conventions that there are… maybe the biggest. Here’s my run down of what I thought about each of the company’s shows…

Microsoft’s Press Conference:
Some of the games covered were Call of Duty: Black Ops, Metal Gear Rising, Gears of War 3, Fable III, and of course, Halo: Reach. Now, all of these games look great, and all, but none of them really captured me. Chances are that I will be purchasing COD:BO and MG:R, but I don’t think I’ll be purchasing any of them new… if I purchase them on the 360 at all.

After they showed us some gameplay footage and trailers to these games, they then moved on to Project: Natal, which had, the night before, been renamed “Kinect”. I’m not going to lie, I know many people out there that call themselves “gamers” were pissed about this section of the press conference – I must admit that I wasn’t too thrilled about it either – though, I have to say that I found the idea of this feature intriguing. I can see a great amount of potential for the product, however, I think it might be weird controlling without holding something in my hand. Something about standing while holding an invisible steering wheel in my hand seems odd. I just don’t understand it. But using Kinect as a tool for exercise and yoga techniques seems interesting. The new Harmonix dance game, “Dance Central”, also caught my eye. Though I don’t think I would ever play the game, I think it is going to be a strong driving force for the peripheral.

They also announced a partnership with ESPN, which I think will have a huge draw to the sports gamers. It’ll be interesting to see how that pans out.

Sony’s Press Conference:

Some of the big games shown for the PS3 were Killzone 3, Little Big Planet 2, Portal 2, Final Fantasy XIV, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Infamous 2, Medal of Honor and Twisted Metal.

Overall, their show was pretty good. They had an awesome guest appearance by Kevin Butler, which was hilarious, and they showed a ton of upcoming content. The games in their lineup are going to be huge, and I’m really interested in trying out the 3D games and games that incorporate 3D elements.

They also discussed a feature for the Playstation Network titled “Playstation +”, which is going to be the equivalent of XBOX Live, as far as I can tell, with the same pricing points. I’m not sure what I think of this though. I barely even fork out the $50 for XBOX Live anyway… nor do I really play games online. But, clearly, I’m not their targeted audience. 😛

The PS Move makes me worry a bit for Nintendo. Clearly, it’s a far superior controller, and the PS3’s graphical capabilities far exceed Nintendo’s. The first sign of my worry was when EA came onstage and announced that they would be releasing Dead Space 2 with a remastered version of Dead Space: Extraction; a game that had previously been a Nintendo Wii Exclusive.

Nintendo’s Press Conference:

A new Zelda, Kirby, Goldeneye, Donkey Kong Country, Star Fox, Mario Kart, Pilotwings, Animal Crossing, Paper Mario, Metroid, Sonic, NBA Jam, Professor Layton and an all new Kid Icarus game?! This year was insane! A complete turn around from the years before. Overall, I would say that their press conference was the best… the only moment I was a bit worried was when they were having technical difficulties with the new Zelda game display… it was almost unbearable to watch, haha, I felt terrible for Miyamoto.

They also showed off the Nintendo 3DS, which looks crazy! I can’t wait to get my hands on it, myself. For those who don’t know, it’s a new handheld console that has a 3D display, but best of all, it can be viewed without the use of 3D glasses.

Great E3; can’t wait to see what else will be announced within the next few months!



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