Elementary, my dear Watson

So, today we played an acoustic gig at an elementary school. It was awesome! There were about 300 kids there (roughly 320 people, adults included). School shows are the best – there is just something about playing music in front of young kids. It’s like they aren’t afraid of “not looking cool”, you know? They aren’t afraid to clap, sing, dance… ahh, to be young again! They all seemed to really enjoy it, as did we. šŸ™‚ Especially and definitely, the highlight was when, just as we finished the last chorus of “LostSignal”, a little kid threw up everywhere, right in the middle of the entire audience. It was wonderful! HAH! Beau, being the nice guy that he is, took the Billy Madison approach and talked about how he threw up all over the place when he was in school, to make the kid feel not-so embarrassed. Poor kid, haha. He’ll never forget seeing On Being Human, though… ever. šŸ˜›



One Response to “Elementary, my dear Watson”

  1. Hey boys! Whats up Beau? What’s up band? Hey, do you think you could hook up a performance at my school sometime??? Amanda’s school too (Amanda says hi)??? I am going to but your game. I looked at the trailer and I love the soundtrack!!! I promise I am your biggest fan! Will you have any posters or t-shirts coming out? If you do, please contact me first so I can be the first person with your merchandise. Also, I’ve been wanting to ask you this for a while…are you rich yet??? See ya later, Josh.

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