Christmas, New Years, Studio Blog, and New Feature.

–/Good day, Earthlings.

We’re hoping all is well with you and yours’. It’s been a while… but don’t think we’ve forgotten about you. We just finished spending time with our families and friends for Christmas and New Year’s – by the way, Happy New Year to you all! But now we’re back, and ready for action! The recordings are now complete, the mixes are underway, the artwork is in the creation process, and the final two of the four Studio Blog videos (see our YouTube at are waiting to be uploaded. The last two videos will be uploaded as we approach “To Light the Coals of Hearts” release date. Be excited. It’s SO close. At the current moment, we are working on ways of replicating, for live performances, the songs that we’ve recorded (this is the fun part).

We’ll be giving you more updates, now that the holidays have passed, as to what is going on with the album and other goodies. We have a new feature that will be unveiling soon… and we’re pretty excited about it (more information in the video below). Be sure to check out Day 10.2 of the Studio Blog Series:

Keep an eye our for Days 10.3 and the final video 10.4 – coming soon! 😀


Travi.s and Human./–


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