Motion, German, Christian Bale, To Light the Coals of Hearts.

Hello Everyone,

As always, we’ve been a busy bunch… with recording, editing, mixing, meetings, and practicing – we are in the state of constant motion. In fact, just this past week: we finished recording, finished editing, had a meeting with Chris and Gwen Adams (our German counterparts), visited Christian Bale in Westfield, acted in the show The Real Housewives of Orange County (no joke – check your local listings), and came up with the title of our upcoming album. We are busy dudes… but at least we enjoy ourselves during the process. 🙂 On Wednesday, of this week, we will begin the mixing process (Oh, joy!). And soon, you all will be able to enjoy it yourselves. 🙂

Now, onto the album itself… we have officially titled the album “To Light the Coals of Hearts”. And the track listings are as follows (in the words of Jason Baker and Samuel Jackson, “Hold on to your butts…”):

“To Light the Coals of Hearts”

01. Come With Us
02. Tidal Wave
03. LostSignal
04. BrinstarUltra
05. L.U.M.A.
06. Beneath the Burning Rays
07. White Gems in the Sky
08. This Great Revolution
09. Ceres XIV
10. Love’s as Fierce as Fire
11. Things We Learn While We’re Away (The Little Prince)
12. In the Midst of Sunken Ships
13. A Conversation Between Two Planets

Be excited. The wait will be over soon…

Travis and Human.


2 Responses to “Motion, German, Christian Bale, To Light the Coals of Hearts.”

  1. Jeff Rodricks Says:

    Can’t wait to hear it.

  2. McMillans Says:

    Im so excited! Can’t wait to share your stuff with this little town in Iowa! How do I find out when you’ll be on TV????????

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