Garlic, High Fives, FTW, Paranormal Phenomena, L.U.M.A. Lyrics.

My fellow Humans.

I hope all is well with you… all. Things are going well on this side of the Earth. I just finished taking some “all natural” vitamin supplements… Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, and – quite possibly the most odd of all – Garlic pills. Apparently, the garlic ones are really healthy. Who knows? I guess we’ll all find out when we’re on the autopsy table, eh? Anyway, my friends, things are going well in the studio… but, by now I’m sure you’re thinking, “Dude, this guy says this in every blog.” The truth is that you would be right. But, the truth is, in fact, that I am right too. So, we both win. High five. We’re just wrapping up the last couple vocal sessions, and various different synthetic instruments. Synthetic instruments for the win! I don’t really know what else to say about the studio, other than that. 🙂

Today I was working on some lyrics, after watching a few documentaries and reading about several different paranormal phenomena and other strange stories of hauntings and the like. Needless to say, I was inspired. So I wrote a song about being visited by an apparition of, I would assume, a lost lover – I suppose. The song has been tentatively titled: “L.U.M.A.”, which, as some of you may know, was the title of an older song of ours. Just so you know, for all of those who enjoyed the original, know that we didn’t just trash it… we’re working it into another song that will appear later on. Anyway, as for the new, tentatively titled, “L.U.M.A.”, you can read the lyrics below (and also, for those who are friends with me on Facebook, I posted a video of me playing an acoustic version – a piece of it anyway, but just a little hint for you).

I feel you in this darkened room
I can sense you in the air
Your whispers echo through my ears
I feel your fingertips in my hair
It’s as though the sands of time have turned against their own design
When both of our worlds collide

Look toward the rising sun
Cry out, “Bring forth the dawn”
Till once again there’s light all around you
(Bring forth, bring forth the dawn!)
When all our stars and planets align
I’ll look for the faint sunrise
To shine so that all our eyes can see
(Bring forth, bring forth the dawn!)

Your breath upon my neck
Sends shivers down my spine
I hear two hearts are beating here
But I can’t tell which is mine
Even through the dimmest light your eyes shine like the brightest skies
It’s when both of our worlds collide


PS: We have a huge show coming up later next month at The Vault in Temecula, CA with Finch, Cetas Aspire, Yesterday’s Rising, Divide the Day, and Inverse (more information on our MySpace). We’re playing toward the beginning, but you can bet your sweet cheeks that we’ll be having the OnBeingHuman Barbeque Bonanza beforehand, so be sure to get there early for a free burger and/or hot dog.


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