We have been busy!

Ok, so what is new.. well, we have been in the studio now for a total of 16 days. Everything is coming together quite nicely, 6 songs are completely finished, 3 songs are about 60% and up and the last 3 songs we have yet to track anything. That puts the album at a total of 12 songs and possibly 2 interludes. We are still brainstorming a name for the album, and when we finally decide we will make everything public.

If you missed anything, here are the latest 2 videos from the studio.

We also happen to be playing a show this weekend in our hometown at the Vault. I hope everyone can make it out, we will be debuting a new song called “Ceres XIV” at the show, so come and be the first to hear the new tune! If your lucky, we will be having a preshow barbeque again in the parking lot since it went so well the last time.

Lastly, we are developing ideas for merch and new webcontent, so if you are a shirt designer, photographer, graphic designer, video editor or a web designer shoot me an email at johnson.gregm@gmail.com. I would love to hear from any fans who would like to help us visualize our.. well, visions. Once this album is done we will be kicking it into high gear when it comes to shows and promotion so keep an eye out.



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