Song Names, Album Progress, Video Updates, and Super Mario Bros. 2

It’s been a few days since the last update… things have been incredibly busy for me lately. I’ve been working on some more lyrical ideas for the last 3 songs of the album, not to mention editing some more videos (which I am still behind on, haha), and trying to beat Super Mario Bros. 2… this game has been killing me… I keep dying on level 7-2 (which is the last level, and it’s a beast). But here I am, updating you all once more.

Let’s start with the album progress: so far, we’ve recorded (in no particular order): “Love’s as Fierce as Fire”, “White Gems in the Sky”, “In the Midst of Sunken Ships”, “Tidal Wave”, “Beneath the Burning Rays”, “Brinstar Ultra”, “LostSignal”, “This Great Revolution”, and “Ceres XIV”. All of these songs are in various stages of the recording process, but are all very close to completion, and will officially be a part of the album. Now, we have finally decided, out of an extra 15 songs that we’ve written to choose from, the final 3 songs that will appear on the album. Those 3 songs are unofficially titled: “TaDa AKA Luma”, “The Little Prince”, and “Mufassa”. That’s pretty much it, haha.

The video updates will be uploaded today. The updates include: “the Studio Blog: Day five”, and “the Studio Blog: Day six” on MySpace Video, and “the Studio Blog: Day six” on the OnBeingHuman YouTube account. So, for those of you who haven’t caught up: now is the time to do so.

OnBeingHuman’s MySpace Video

OnBeingHuman’s YouTube

More attention grabbing information next update.



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