Castle Crashers, Newcastle, 760, Studio, and Tidal Wave.

Hello Humans,

My day thus far has been the following:

1. I woke up.
2. Played some Castle Crashers with Beau.
3. Made Alannah and I some lunch (I’m not much of a breakfast guy).
4. Began unloading all of the video footage from the past few days in the studio (I’m, once again, a bit behind).

And now, I’m sitting down, drinking an ice cold Newcastle, and talking to you fine folks!

Yesterday was the big “photoshoot day”. It took us about 8 hours, and over 760 pictures till we were done… crazy. That’s going to take a lot of work to sort through… good luck, Christine! ;P But we went to some cool locations, and, after finishing the day, reflected on how we could have made the shots cooler… haha, or whatever. All in all, fun time… but glad it’s over, because the heat yesterday was absolutely miserable.

So, we officially have the schedule for this week and next week, as far as studio time goes, and we’re pretty excited. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday are now booked for studio time. Sweet! This also means more Studio Blog videos are on their way. We just want to finish the album already. We didn’t expect it to take 8 months to record an album; fortunately, it’s turning out much better than we could ever hope for. Just this morning, I was listening to some of the rough mixed versions of these songs. “Tidal Wave” is going to sound really good when it’s done. High five.

Anyway, I just thought that I’d give you all another quick update. Time to start editing “the Studio Blog: Day five” (keep an eye out for it soon!) See you again tomorrow!



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