Greetings, MySpace, YouTube, and XBOX 360.

Hello Humans,

As some of you may have noticed, we have started posting the blogs, not only at, but also on our MySpace page (which many of you are currently reading). So, to those who are reading from MySpace, welcome!

I’ve been looking at our MySpace page (, and I’ve noticed that it’s looking a bit bland, not to mention that the dividers on the sides are off… this is something that we’ll have to work on, considering none of us are really “html savvy”. It’s a shame… Perhaps, Sir Anthony could lend a hand?

(just going through a few thoughts real quick)…

Anyway, many of you have been keeping up with the Studio Blog videos on, both, our MySpace and YouTube pages. Thank you all for subscribing, rating, and commenting with your advice and thoughts! We appreciate the feedback! Also, we’ve posted a video of us playing an unplugged version of “White Gems in the Sky”, so be sure to check that one out… And there are plenty more videos to come, so keep an eye out!

Lastly, (for those who happen to play video games at all), I was wondering what your XBOX 360 Gamertags are, so we can keep in contact and, perhaps, play some games on there. Maybe one day we can have an “OnBeingHuman Game Day”, or something. Anyway, my Gamertag is “DJ Triforce”. So, add me!

Travis and the other Humans.

PS: Today is Johnny’s birthday, so give him a shout out!


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