Wegeits und Updates

Yo yo yo.

Thing are going great with the studio recordings (as you probably have been able tell if you’ve been keeping up with our “the Studio Blog” video series on YouTube or MySpace Video – if you have not, subscribe!). The music is sounding huge! We are all ultra excited! And, best of all, it’s all being accomplished fast… no more of that “living in Germany for 6 months and finishing 5 songs” stuff anymore. Haha. We’ve recorded 9 songs in 8 days (not all of the songs are 100% complete though)… another thing you may have noticed from the last sentence (once again, if you are currently caught up with “the Studio Blog” videos), is that I said “8 days”, and of course, there is only 4 days worth of Blog videos… well, I’m a bit behind. Playing catch up is always fun though. I’ll put the videos below, for those of you who haven’t seen the most recent videos… And again, I can’t stress it enough … everyone should subscribe for our video updates… if you have MySpace, it’s simple (http://vids.myspace.com/onbeinghuman). YouTube viewers, it’s also simple… (http://www.youtube.com/onbeinghuman)… if you want to subscribe to our YouTube, but you don’t have account, make one… it’s worth it, I promise! 🙂

Anyway, enough advertising. Haha.

I just hooked up my good ol’ Nintendo (the “NES”), because I had a good friend of mine sold me a bunch of games for a pretty good price (next time any of you see a gentleman named Anthony from a folk act titled “Anthony is Poor”, give the poor kid a dollar). Playing a puzzle game called “Yoshi” at the moment. Great game. I’ve never actually played it before though. Unfortunately, my “NES” doesn’t have the best pin connectors, so the games freeze constantly… I’ll get a new one when I get the money. We’ll see.

Cheers and Enjoy,


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