Tornadoes of Burritos.

Hey all, sorry for the lack of updates, but since we have updates, I am going to give you an update. We’ve been down in the studio all this last week tracking more for our album. We did bass and drum tracks for “BrinstarUltra”, “White Gems in the Sky”, “LostSignal”, “Beneath the Burning Rays” and “This Great Revolution”.. We also did some vocals on “Ceres XIV” and “Love’s as Fierce as Fire”. So far everything is coming together quite lovely. We are super busy working 10 hours a day but usually only one person is working at a time so in the mean time we have been going through and beating all the old video games from our childhood. Metroid, Super Metroid, Mario, Mario 3, Mariocart 64, Starfox, Tetris, Donkey Kong 1+2+3 are just a few casualties of ours, good times on the Wiiware. Here is a little video to show you how hard we work.

One of the truly hard decision that we Humans face day in and day out, is deciding what we are going to eat for lunch. The particular area of Chula Vista where we are tracking happens to have some amazing restaurants. Whether it’s burritos that are smuggled over from TJ or Pizza that would make the Ninja Turtles faint, we eat good. Here is a little taste (haha! get it??) of how we roll, narrated by the man with a food nickname, Mayoman!

We have soo much footage and our very own Travis Baker is now a video editing machine, so keep posted, we have some more videos coming at you soon!

Your body is a wonderland,


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