Studio 82A and the end of the Mushroom Kingdom tyrant!

Hello Humans.

We’ve noticed that we’ve been getting a pretty good amount of traffic to our blog site… perhaps it’s because of the Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace groups reading about us being in the studio again? Perhaps…? Only this time we are in sunny California, and things are sounding great! We’re recording at the legendary Studio 82A… never heard of it? Well, you may be surprised to find that bands like POD, Switchfoot, Dogwood, and even bands like Point of Recognition, Overcome, and Noise Ratchet recorded here. It’s really weird, haha… it’s like we’re following all of the bands that we’ve grown up listening to. And what’s really cool about that is that they all signed the doors and walls of the studio, so we’ve spent a ton of time reading little tidbits of advice and nonsense they’ve written. 😛 Really cool stuff.

Well, here’s the line up of accomplishments so far:

“Tidal Wave”
Music: Complete
Vocals: Complete

“Ceres XIV”
Music: Complete
Vocals: Currently in Progress

“In the Midst of Sunken Ships”
Music: Currently In Progress
Vocals: Incomplete

“Love’s as Fierce as Fire”
Music: Still Needs Keyboards
Vocals: Incomplete

We’ve been filming a ton of footage, so we’ll be putting something together as soon as we get the chance. The idea was to put up a video at the end of every day of recording, but since we record from noon to 10pm and then not even make it to the house till about midnight – and, not to mention that once we are home, we HAVE to watch an episode of the Twilight Zone before going to bed… Well…. all in all (and long story short), we just don’t have the time – but we’ll get something up soon, and it will be good. You can expect some pictures sooner though.

Oh, and last thing, Sir Johnny Pyburn and Sir…… I? officially defeated the evil overlord, King Bowser of the Mushroom Kingdom in Super Mario Bros. 3. We did it. There is nothing to fear.

Travis and the other Humans.


One Response to “Studio 82A and the end of the Mushroom Kingdom tyrant!”

  1. Heather Wednesday Says:

    Overcome and Point of Recognition? Jesusss.. don’t remind me!

    Anyways.. I listened to some of your old recordings earlier today. They were good; Sir Johnny Pyburn is a great drummer.

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