new song ideas inspired by The Twilight Zone.

Hello friends.

Well, at the moment, we’re all getting ready for the supposed show that is coming up, as well as some studio time next week – so we’re frantically trying to collect a few ideas together for the next grouping of songs that we’re planning to record. We’re going to be recording about three songs next week: “Love’s as Fierce as Fire”, “Tidal Wave”, and a new song titled “In the Midst of Sunken Ships” – a song about a man who, ironically, falls in love with a Siren; ironic, of course, because anyone who hears the song of a Siren is doomed to sink and drown in the ocean. But, besides these songs, we’re also planning on recording several other new ones that are in various stages of the writing process. One of the songs that we’re currently writing has been tentatively titled “The Lonely”, in reference to the Twilight Zone episode of the same name (You can watch the episode below in three parts, which I strongly suggest. This show is incredible). I’ve been watching a ton of this show lately…

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Travis and Human.


3 Responses to “new song ideas inspired by The Twilight Zone.”

  1. my dad’s favorite all time show…

  2. Alannah Says:

    That was a great episode 🙂 They are brilliant writers.

  3. Greg just recently told me about this! 🙂 AMAZINGGGGGGGG!! cory, cory, cory

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