Great Scott!

So.. what’s new?? Lots actually. We’ve been doing a little preproduction right now to get a couple more songs up to par. We just recorded “Tidal Wave” and it’s sounding pretty good (maybe I will post it). We’ve also been booking some shows soon for all our California fans. We will post more details on our myspace but it’s looking like we will be appearing at the Vault in Temecula on the 30th. We would all love to see you there! There’s several other shows too so keep an eye out for that. We are also looking to get some T-shirts and stickers made but we need a super cool design first.. so if your an artist and would like to help us out, email me at

We would also like to thank everyone who came out to support Bipsyfest, the night went great and it was for a great cause for a truly talented friend of ours, she will be missed. Thanks to Liz and Ivan for putting it on. Here is a clip of the evening if you missed it.

More news to come soon.
Keep Rockin’


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