and the clock continues to count down, dear friends.

So, its 6:01am (German time, of course – it’s 9:01pm, California time), and I haven’t slept a wink.. it’s weird. I’m exhausted, and yet, I can’t seem to fall asleep. I’ve tried reading, listening to music and podcasts… my mind keeps running wild as my body is trying to relax. Weird. Alles gute, though. I’m just trying to find a way of being productive… maybe I’ll try to write some lyrics. I’ve just finished reading Fahrenheit 451, so that should be inspiration enough. Man, fantastic book. Seriously, I don’t know how Mr. Bradbury thinks the way he does. Genius. I’ll share a line with you that really hit me, for whatever reason:

“And when they ask us what we’re doing, you can say, We’re remembering. That’s where we’ll win out in the long run. And someday we’ll remember so much that we’ll build the biggest goddamn steamshovel in history and dig the biggest grave of all and shove war in and cover it up.”

Anyway, we’re going to be on our way back to the U.S. of A. on Tuesday… Can you believe it?! Wow. I don’t think it’s really reached me yet, but I’m going to miss this place though (whenever it does). The weather is perfect right now… cold enough to wear a jacket, but warm enough to where you don’t need it, if you don’t want it. It’s like the perfect combination, and the way the entire world should feel daily. We’re crazy excited though… and we can’t wait to play the show on the 8th (see our MySpace for more information)… what’s even crazier is that we are playing a show three days after we arrive back in the States (which is unlike anything we’ve done before… the closest thing to really touring that we’ve been able to experience). “So, leave the porch light on, Momma! I’m comin’ home!” – Rocketman.

Travis (your fellow human being).

And, P.S. We have a big surprise coming to all of you soon. Keep checking our YouTube page ( for updates! 🙂


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