Beau and Greg’s Excellent Adventure.

So about 2 weeks ago Beau and I left on a 2-day trip to Frankfurt for the MusikMesse, which is the biggest music convention in the world. Before we left, we went down to the studio and Vitali told us if we left in the morning then it would take us almost 7 hours to get there because of traffic when it usually only takes 4. Since Beau and I are so smart, we decided to leave that night. So we went home, we rehearsed a bunch of songs and then packed 2 small bags for the overnight stay in the hotel. By the time we were ready to leave, it was about 11:30pm…. so smart. Anyways, we hit the road and got on the infamous autobahn to begin our journey.

We ended up arriving in Frankfurt about 4:30 am the next day. Since our hotel wasn’t until the next night, we parked outside and slept in the back of the SUV… so so smart. About an hour and a half later the sun was up. Apparently where we parked was the one of the main streets that the people in the hotel use to get to the Messe, and we were also right next to the playground at the local elementary school. Needless to say, the hustle and bustle rose us from our deep sleep. Knowing it was only going to get worse from that point, we decided to go find some food. So so so smart.. We walked pretty much aimlessly around Frankfurt for an hour. We were in the business district and the only small coffee shops we found weren’t open for another hour. We finally found a cafeteria inside a business building where got a small sandwich and a fruit smoothie. We didn’t really fit in though, I am not sure if was the zombified look in our eyes, the wrinkled-slept-in-clothes or the fact that we still can’t speak a hint of German. Anyways, we were supposed to meet Chris and Gwen at the front to get the tickets but that wasn’t until noon, which at this point is still 4 hours away. But then we had a genius idea! We will go to the hotel and check in and get in a nap (most of you already know what the problem with that is).. Check-in wasn’t until 2-3pm.


So we get on the u-bahn (train) and go to the downtown area. We found a nice little coffee shop and tried not to pass out. Around noon we go to meet Chris and Gwen at the entrance to get the tickets, but they were no where to be found. We called them and they said they were waiting for us but we didn’t see them anywhere. Turns out, the Musikmesse is like the size of knotts berry farm and we were at the opposite side of the park. The main entrance was about 3 miles around from where we were. We had to actually get back on the train and go around the whole city to get to the right entrance… but we did run into the guys from EMG pickups who were very nice and gave us t-shirts, good people.

Anyways, we finally get into the Messe which is the like heaven for any musician, it’s like every guitar center in the USA in one place. We walked around all day and didn’t even come close to seeing it all. At the end of the day, we finally went back to our hotel and passed out from a very very very long day.

Now it’s Thursday. We go back to the Messe, even ran into my friend West from Taye Drums, we do our thing some more and then Gwen tells us that we can actually stay another day at the Hotel. Fantastic! We get back to the hotel and sleep the day off again.

The next morning Beau was acting a bit flustered… “What’s the matter my dear??” I proclaimed. “I only brought one pair of underwear.” Beau thought we were only going to be in Frankfurt Wednesday and Thursday… We left Tuesday and now it’s Friday. You can do the math. My mom taught me better then that so I am doing OK at the moment. We got back to the Messe, hung out with the Zvex pedal guys ( and do our thing so more. We meet up with Chris and Gwen again and Gwen tells us we can stay another night. Sweeeet! We go to this wonderful Italian restaurant and had some of the best food ever, then we meet up later at this Bar and Grill for Chris’ birthday. So Beau and I are playing pool when all of the sudden this big guy falls out of his chair. I go over there to see what’s going on and these other 2 rocker lookin’ dudes are talking… one of them being the drummer from HIM. I chat with them a while when we spot some death metal looking dudes across the room. I asked another guy who they were… “I think that’s Cradle of Filth”. If you don’t know, CoF is the most evil satanic black doom metal band to ever exist… How exciting. I go to the bathroom, there’s about 6 urinals and I go in the first one. The unwritten law of man says thou shall not pee in the urinal next to another man if there are open spaces elsewhere. Apparently one of the guys from CoF didn’t hear that one, or maybe he is just that much of a rebel. Ackwardness ensued… I go to wash my hands and of course the dryer doesn’t work. The dude from CoF starts laughing… “they don’t make them like they used to”.. “Nope”. With that we leave about go back to the hotel.

We wake up to a beautiful Saturday in Frankfurt. My mom may have taught me to overpack but even now I am hurting a bit.. and for Beau’s pink elephant boxers.. well… you can imagine. Soooo sooo soo so smart. We go the Messe again and met up with Chris, Gwen and Uli Jon Roth. Beau and I helped carry all his equipment because he was doing a shred-off with Michael Angelo Batio. We watched backstage as they rocked a mean cover of “Sunshine of your Love”. The head of dean guitars was on bass and Carmine Appice (Cactus, Vanilla Fudge, Ozzy, Ted Nugent, Rod Stewart, Pink Floyd) was on drums. It was pretty stinkin’ awesome. We go to dinner at the Italian place again with the everyone from the Jam, half of Arch Enemy, Chris, Gwen and their daughter. Good times and great food. Around 930pm we are about ready to make our exit to go back to Frankfurt. We’ve already stayed 3 nights more then we were planning and Beau is itching for some clean clothes… heh.. We are about ready to leave when Gwen insists we stay another night so we don’t have to drive so late.. bless her soul.

So we did.

Sunday morning.. Beau and I are not feeling so smart anymore. 2 days became 6 and all the walking around wasn’t making Beau’s lone pair of socks smell any better. We munched on an awesome breakfast buffet with Uli Jon Roth and then hit the road. 5 hours later we were back in Hamburg!

Much needed showers were had by all.

The End,


3 Responses to “Beau and Greg’s Excellent Adventure.”

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  2. And your dad always thinks I’m crazy for overpacking! Aren’t you glad you take after me!! =-}

  3. christi Says:

    Beau- wash your stuff in the sink… any traveler knows this!

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