Cash Cow… err, horse.

Today I want to take a brief moment and discuss the dangers and pitfalls of gambling. Gambling is an addiction that can leave you broke or much worse if you cross paths with the wrong kinds of people. To illustrate my point I will tell you of the events that occurred over the last 24 hours.

Yesterday we were invited by the Wind family to go see their horses. We all woke up early and drove to the edge of Hamburg to a breeding farm where they raise and take care of flocks and herds of horses. First we met “All the Wind” which is a 2 year old stallion almost ready to begin training to become a race-horse. The Wind’s own several race horses and just had a new baby horse and brought us to the farm to celebrate the occasion. We frolicked through the open pastures and fed Mr. Ed. Brandon decided he wanted to be “The Horse Whisperer” and gently whispered sweet nothings into the ears of the horses.. which almost got his hair chomped on by a overly excited stud. Once we were done there we went back to Hamburg to a Horse-Racing-Bookie-TV place where we could watch an upcoming race with Serrato (another one of the Wind’s horses). We got there one race before and the whole group put in 1 euro into a pot and picked a horse, the winner would take all. I picked Tom Sawyer because it sounded America and Sawyer from Lost is cool. The race began and me and Beau got up in the front to see the action as it unfolded. We cheered, we cried, we cheered some more then pouted some more. At the end of the race, Beau’s horse won netting him a 700% profit.

Now betting is serious, even though Beau septuplified his money doesn’t mean it was a good thing. I lost a whole euro on that race.

Next up was the race with Serrato. Excited over the thrill of the last race, Beau and I went to the bookie to put our money on the Winds’ horse. I put 20 euros down and Beau put 10 for Serrato to place. His odds of winning were 11-1 making him 2nd to last in the odds. When you bet to place though we were just putting our money that Serrato would “place” in the top 3. Anyways, we got our ticket and went back to the screens. More cheering and jeering ensued until at the very last second with Serrato in 4th he cut the inside corner and passed up the horse in front of him and came in 3rd by a nose! Beau and I jumped from our seats and gave each other a manhug as we spun around in circles celebrating our victory… in the manliest way possible.

We head over to the bookie to get our money. Turns out Serrato to place doubled our money! Beau got 20 back and I got 40. Holy Crap! To celebrate our victory we went and got Currywurst and Ice Cream with the Wind family and watched the sunset on a beautiful spring day in Hamburg.

So let this be a lesson to you all… Gambling is bad.


One Response to “Cash Cow… err, horse.”

  1. Jeeez brandon charms horses tooo!!?….playaaaa ;P

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