So, Vitali (one of the studio engineers) complained that the last blog was boring. And who could blame him? He wasn’t ever mentioned anywhere throughout the blog. So, I hereby declare this day, March 6th, 2009, Vitali Day. So, let us all celebrate!

Vitali Quiering is a man of many talents. It’s been said that he was the single genius behind the eradication of the demon beasts of the ancient world during the fourth age, and is held as a god by the the citizens of Malaysia. He is a king among men, and is the man among the women. Wow… what a guy! He’s an inspiration to us all! Plus, if you type “Vitali Quiering” into Google Images, you can find this picture…

Wow... what a guy!
*in the event you can’t see the picture copy and paste this into your browser.

Haha, okay, seriously, yes. People of the Earth, prepare yourself for a new YouTube video… it shall be here soon! 🙂



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  1. Finally I get what I deserve!!!

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