Throught the Looking Glass

We just finished another day at the studio. They are currently mixing “Beneath the Burning Rays”… and, holy crap… you guys are all in for a treat. Brace yourself for a choir of vocals, jazz bass licks, radio strings, huge guitars, rock downs, and an 8-bit EuroTrance Nintendo Arpeggio party! It’s pretty intense. Anyway, we’re about to watch “Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland”… It’s going to be sweet. Here’s a little video of DJ Axis’ remix of Little Nemo the game for the Nintendo Entertainment System… oh yeah, 8-bit dance music. 🙂

Oh, and last night we watched “Alice in Wonderland”, thus the title… man… what a film. Incredible.

Alice in Wonderland



One Response to “Throught the Looking Glass”

  1. Alannah Says:

    That is a great song 🙂 Little Nemo is a great movie! And scary.

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