Molotov Cocktails and Mexican Food.

Well, since we didn’t have to go to the studio today (considering our producer went to Berlin for an award ceremony), we created a FaceBook account for the band (so if you have a FaceBook page, you should add us as a friend). The link has been provided.

Out of a bit of bordem and curiosity, I typed molotov cocktail into my Google search bar and was led to a site that had The Freedom Fighter’s Manual. For those who don’t know what this is, it’s a pretty crazy little booklet that gives tips on how to essentially overthrow a government by causing disorder. It was created by the CIA and was secretly airdropped over Nicaragua the 80’s to help the Nicaraguans. It made for an interesting read. Do not try this at home.

Anyway, a little bit of good news. We made a Mexican feast last night for everyone at the studio. They’ve never had real Mexican food before, except for a Mexican restaurant that they have out here, which as I’ve said before, is not REAL. 😛 Needless to say, it was a success. People came back for seconds, thirds, fourths. Score 1 for America… well, South America. Haha.



One Response to “Molotov Cocktails and Mexican Food.”

  1. Dude what a crazy website, its weird too because a tv show the other day, forget which one, talked about molotov cocktails…

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