The Long Awaited Blog of the Ancients: Reloaded.

Yo, all. 🙂

It’s been a long time… I know, we’re sorry. Haha. I don’t know how we do it. It’s like we get lazy or something, plus we’re super busy. Anyway, let’s get started! >:O

As far as the recording process goes, we’ve finished (for the most part): “Love’s As Fierce As Fire”, “White Gems in the Sky”, “Beneath the Burning Rays”, “LostSignal”, and “Brinstar Ultra”. We’ve just finished everything but back-up vocals on a new song titled that I’ve titled, for a lack of a better name, at the moment, “This Great Revolution”, but I might change it. I was going over a few different names, and one I thought was interesting was “When The People Weren’t Afraid”, but it’s a bit long, and I’m not sure if it fits the songs content – perhaps it can be another song title or a lyric? Who knows, RubberNose? Anyway, today we just finished recording some sweet sounds on the Hammond Organ, and it is sounding amazing, thanks to our good friend Phillip (forgive me for the typo, if it’s spelled wrong). Amazing. I can’t wait for you all to hear it… it’ll blow your mind.

We have a bunch of people coming over on Friday (assuming everything goes as planned), to eat an amazing Mexican style dinner prepared by all of your friends here. 🙂 We went to a Mexican resturaunt out here to show them what Mexican food is, but the only problem (and I will stand by this forever) is that Mexican food is not made for sit down resturaunts… it’s simply not the same. The way to determine whether the food is going to be good is by seeing how dirty and small the place is… the more flies, the better it’ll taste, haha. Anyway, after we eat, we’re going to watch Loaded Weapon I (and yes, I said “Loaded” instead of “Lethal”… it’s a much better movie – check it out, haha).

Okay, now… here is a promise that I’m going to put together. We’re going to be posting a new blog more often. We’re a bit ridiculous, I know. Anyway, friends, have a good day, night, or whatever you may be currently experiencing.



5 Responses to “The Long Awaited Blog of the Ancients: Reloaded.”

  1. You guys are so sexy LIKE OMG!!!!

  2. OMG you guys are sexy come to Africa and play for me

  3. Yeah you guys need to show them real mexican food! and put up more pictures 🙂

  4. SweetNectar Says:

    Make it SPICY and play some mariachi music

  5. C-money (christi) Says:

    Mexican is so hard to get anywhere but california… or mexico. haha
    I want to hear/see more music!!

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