Brinstar Ultra.

We have been in the studio this last week working on the infamous “Brinstar Ultra” with Phillip because Franz was out rockin’ on tour. To mark the occasion, Beau recorded some video on his camera of the tracking process. Here is a little sneak peak of the song.

In other news.. Travis, Beau and I went on a magical quest to find out spirit guide who would lead us to our destiny. So we went over to the studio where we talked to our guide…. Vitali told us we must traverse the frozen tundra to the stars in order to get the Wii to work..

I digress..

Why doesn’t the Wii work.. well, when we first got here we didn’t know much about how the power conversion differed from the States. We have regular prong converters that worked for our laptops and PSP and so on… thinking the Wii was no different, the first week we were here Travis plugged in his Wii at Chris and Gwens and caused a small blackout that darkened Hamburg for several hours. Travis toasted it. At first he thought the whole Wii was destroyed but luckily that’s why the fuse is in the power cable and not in the Wii. So Travis bought a special new power cable that would work with American Wiis out here in Europe. That was shipped to Alannah, who gave it to Robert, who gave it to me when I was the US, which I flew back with me here all so we can play one of Travis’ 100 games. We plugged that into the wall socket here in the kitchen and got a reenactment of New Years(see video below). So far that’s 2 wii cables destroyed. At this point, we really didnt know if the Wii even would work anymore. I got the 3rd Wii power cable from a package that my parents sent me. At this point, we figured there’s only one way to get the Wii to work.

I redigress. 

So we set out on foot walking the cold streets of Hamburg till we got to a place called Startronics. There we met a wise old man (who spoke english) who sold us a 220-110 voltage converter and SCART to RCA adaptor so we can play the Wii. Thrilled that our destiny cost less then 50 euros we went back home to try out the new equipment. We hooked everything up and plugged the Wii into the TV (which Vitali so graciously let us use) and hit the power. The screen comes up and it’s in black and white and fuzzy. As if the voltage converter and the SCART-RCA wasn’t enough, we need a NTSC to PAL converter. Apparently the video is different out here too on TVs… this is just a test of our wills, fate is only proven to those who persevere.. . We have a n64 though that Vitali also let us borrow so we can rock out on that when we aren’t rockin’ in the studio. 

Also for you Lost fans, we have been re-watching the series since our very own Brandon Mayo had yet to have seen an episode.. shame shame. We just finished season 1 and decided that each one of us is similar to a character on the island. Johnny is Jack because whenever I get a headache I go to him (he has all the Advil), Beau is Sawyer because Beau is the ladies man and likes to read, Mayo is Charlie because he likes heroine, I am Locke because I never get lost and I’m old and Travis is Vincent (the dog) because he is warm, cuddly and drools all over the place. 

As for the current status of OnBeingHuman, we went and saw Franz’ Band (Felix De Luxe) last night, Franz melted some faces like always and then the Wind Family took us to this awesome steakhouse where we had some of the best steak ever (Gracias Family Wind!). Tonight we go out again to an Italian Restaurant for a birthday party with the Winds and Chris and Gwen. Studio soon, Travis needs to record vocals and then we will start the next song which is as yet undecided.

I’m Greg, stay classy… and thanks for stopping by, but mainly stay classy. Thanks for stoppi.. stay classy..


2 Responses to “Brinstar Ultra.”

  1. steenlove Says:

    Haha I absolutely Love every single character and who they truely are. Espeshially Travis’s character… haha!
    You are all so lucky to be going out on such fun nights like that! Wow what an adventure!
    Love and God Bless!
    -Christine Marie.

  2. There you go again about your age.. haha

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