In the history of man..

There is a place in history for men who surpass beyond their mortal limitations and rise above to achieve what most men would whimper even thinking about trying. These men are the elitist of the elite and belong to the exclusive group that carries on their legend from generation to generation. They belong to the Badass Hall of Fame. Some of the famous inductees throughout time include David for kicking the ass of the giant Goliath and then chopping off his head, King Leonidus for kicking the ass of thousands of Persians with only 300 men, King Arthur who kicked the ass the Saxon horde.. More recent nominees are Chuck Norris for having a fist behind his beard to kick ass with, Jack Bauer for kicking terrorist ass and saving the world from the 7th time this season and Batman (when not played by George Clooney) for ass kicking psychopaths in Gotham. 

Last night saw the inductions of two men.

Greg “The Bad” Johnson and Travis “The Ass” Baker did in 13 hours which most mere mortals can only hope to achieve in a lifetime. In one sitting they smashed thousands of goombas, kick hundreds of turtles right out of there shells, rode on the breathe of canons and beat the snot out of oversized and kidnap-loving dinosaur. In doing this they freed the princess of the castle, Peach, and restored all 120 stars… that’s right all 120, to their rightful place. If you haven’t guessed what I am referring to then you were never 12 years old… We beat Super Mario 64 and recovered all 120 stars in one-sitting. 13 hours of white-knuckled extreme gaming that will go down in history with the greatest of the great. Never before has anyone beat Mario 64 in one-sitting with all 120 stars (or at least to my knowledge). For those who said it could not be done… it was done. For those who said it’s impossible to achieve… it was possible to achieve. For all the people who didn’t believe us… believe. 


“What next?” you may ask. Well, it’s back to music for Travis and I. Tomorrow we go in to the studio with Philip (Our Sound-Designer) and we begin work on “Brinstar Ultra”. As far as video games go, me and Travis are playing Final Fantasy 4 and Beau and Alannah are playing Final Fantasy 7 (good job on beating that guy last night Alannah). 

And that’s the way the cookie crumbles,



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