everyday life..

Since most of our blogs are about the more interesting parts of our time out here in Germany, I decided to give you all a little peak into our everyday lives….

The day begins with Travis.  He is usually up first because he gets online to talk to Alannah (spelled it right this time ;).. then usually I awaken from my slumber and join Trav in the kitchen where I begin my day with some toast or the occasional egg burrito. Beau then comes down from upstairs where he sleeps. It’s cold and loud up there but he likes being able to see the sun… I dont understand the appeal. By this time it’s usually 10 am or so and we check our emails from the day before and relax for a bit. Johnny and Brandon wake up last and then we all get dressed and ready to head out for the day. Around noon we arrive at HOME studios. We usually will get situated, maybe grab some fruit or toast from the bar and get in a couple games of kicker (that’s german for foosball). We are getting better but Vitali can still pretty much kill all of us (even though I beat him once) and Hendrick will shutout anyone who dares to look at him resulting in a trip underneath the kicker table to complete the humiliation. When Franz gets in then it’s time to work. We usually have what we need to get done already planned out from the day before so we usually work on that. We are in the studio for about 8-10 hours a day so when we aren’t recording we are either writing, playing the DS or practicing our kicker shots. The recording process is long and difficult but the finished product will sound absolutely amazing and will be worth it. Once we leave the studio it’s time to cook some dinner. It’s usually only 1 of 4 different meals. Bratwurst and potatoes (Beau makes), Chicken and rice (I make), Spaghetti and brats (Trav and Johnny makes) or Burgers which any of us will cook. We then sit down for a band dinner in which all of 6 words are said… (pass me the salt and pepper).. or something like that. After dinner we usually hit up some sort of game, lately it has been Settlers of Catan (which is fantastic) but monopoly, poker or swimming are also very common. At the end of the night we usually get a bit of a jam session in so we can tighten new songs and new arrangements of old songs. By then it’s probably around midnight, the past couple nights we have popped in movies around this time.. last night was Event Horizon (which wasn’t nearly as scary as when I was a kid) but tonight is Hot Rod I think. Great movie. Anyways, sleep comes swiftly and ushers in a new day, which for tomorrow includes a trip to a local school so hang out wit sum jerman hiskoolers in there english klass.  bet they kould lurn a ting or too frum us. 

Anyways, I’m at the part of the day where I go to sleep. So until next time, stay classy San Deigo. 



3 Responses to “everyday life..”

  1. Hip Hip Horray! Ten Points for Greg!

  2. Travis makes the spaghetti! I taught him well. 🙂

  3. Christine Marie Says:

    Hot Rod is the most amazing movie. I KNOW RIGHT?

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