New years and more…

First thing first, Travis doesn’t have good luck with the police. Allow me to elaborate. We were  driving to Chris and Gwen’s place for what we thought would be a quiet evening of celebrating the new year. Travis drove and it seems that he may of picked up some nasty european driving habits. Drivers out here are… crazy… they swerve in and out of lanes, pass on the wrong side of the road with traffic opposing them and they speed like mad. All of these qualities can now be found in Travis. After the swerving, the breakneck speed, running lights, driving on the wrong side of the road, almost running over a little old lady and jumping a medium our beloved lead singer got us pulled over 300 meters from Chris and Gwen’s.  We stopped on the side of the road and awaited our impending doom. Two officers came out and immediately johnny wet his pants. Brandon was crying and Beau started singing a number from “Hello Dolly”.. anyways, after all the terrible driving exhibited by one Travis Baker, the policei pulled us over for not using a blinker and let us go with a warning. Let this story teach you a lesson back in America….. Never let Travis drive.

Anyways, on to the New Year. We had a great evening at Chris and Gwen’s. We got to hang out with some awesome musicians including the bassist from Helloween and one of the best violinists in Hamburg/Germany (who will be helping us with some strings on our album). Along comes midnight and well.. let this video show you how Hamburg celebrates the new year. 

45 minutes straight of pure craziness. Quite possibly the best new years any of us have ever had. During the craziness once again Travis provides us with a comical story. Travis wanted to get in on the firework action and decided to set off a Roman Candle. While picking it up he noticed the bottom was damaged and peeling back… but who needs caution when it’s New Years?!?! Travis holds the candle in his hand, points to the heavens and lights. The chain reaction starts and all the sudden the flame starts coming out of the wrong end of the stick.. “Oh Flip!” Travis exclaims as the mini rocket starts to fire the wrong direction back into him. It shoots out, burns his glove and proceeds into his stomach. At this point, I am crying of shear amusement. Travis is crying because he just burned his hand and Brandon is still crying because of the police. Poor Travis burned right through his gloves and into his hands (which are fine). But now he has a pair of partially burned gloves which are much more stylish then before. 

New Years was a success. 

A couple of days later Allanah (Travis’ Beau…) came to visit. Then we met up with Chris and Gwen and the Wind family for a trip to the Planetarium. Here in Hamburg they have this visual/laser/light show that goes along with Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”. The show was fantastic, it made us feel like we were spinning through space. It was a perfect interpretation of the music. 

Currently we are working on “Lost Signal” in the studio. Today is Travis’ day for vocals so not a whole lot going on at the moment. We will try and post some more video soon.



3 Responses to “New years and more…”

  1. Too funny! You guys are having way too much fun. What a way to make a living!!! =-]

  2. wait…brandon was crying…!?!?! hahahahah he knows what im trying to imply 😀 hahaha

  3. steenlove Says:

    That is amazing! I wish i had a New Years like that!
    you guys are hilarious… next time just jump out of the car.
    and buy b some tissues. hahhaha.

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