Christmas is the time for awesome videos.


This is what happens when everything is closed and you have 5 bored guys and a camera. Special thanks to Robert for opening up this up to Beau. 

Anyways, we had our first Christmas in Germany. It was great, we all had goose for the first time cooked deliciously by Chris Adams. We spent the evening at their place and they even gave us matching jackets and gloves since the weather is going to only get colder from here 😦 The jackets look great though, you can see Beau wearing it in the video above. We also got tickets to see this Pink Floyd Planetarium Audio Visual show by the Wind Family. Our producer Franz had actually helped on the audio part of it, we are all pretty excited to see that. Anyways, we hope all of you had a great Christmas with your family and friends. 



6 Responses to “Christmas is the time for awesome videos.”

  1. That was awesome

  2. edie (AKA mom) Says:

    Oh my gosh!!! this is wonderful!! soooooooooo funny 🙂

  3. Good job guys. this is wonderful.
    edie (AKA mom)

  4. this is my third try posting a comment. Hello!!!! i hope i do it right this time. i loved this video. soooo funny!!!
    edie (AKA mom)

  5. Bobbie Jo Says:

    GOOD STUFF!! I am so impressed! now teach me beau!!!

  6. best video ive ever seen from you guys.
    loved it!
    also putting beatles music to a video automatically gives you 10 points off the bat.

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