Christmas Eve.

This is a video​ that Beau shot of St. Nikol​ai,​ a build​ing that was almos​t compl​etely​ destr​oyed from the bombi​ng raids​ of Hambu​rg durin​g World​ War II. Seein​g thing​s like this make you reali​ze how destr​uctiv​e war is.​.​.​ all of the histo​ry that is lost.​

What made this whole​ visit​ even more inter​estin​g is that,​ thoug​h we had read about​ it, we stumb​led upon it by accid​ent.​ It’s kept hidde​n and encas​ed betwe​en moder​n build​ings.​

We are stand​ing in the sanct​uary of the churc​h.​

Notic​e how there​ is no longe​r a roof overh​ead.​ 



On a lighter note, we had Christmas Eve dinner with Franz and some other people from the studio. It was a great time and we showed the Germans the secret Pyburn Family secret dessert, “The Fruit-Fluff”… It was a hit. Trav did an impromptu acoustic concert and played “White Gems in the Sky”, “Love as Fierce as Fire” and “New Song Without a Name”. 

Also, here is what happens when Beau and Brandon get bored:

If you think they were bored then, wait till you see what we’ve been working on in the last couple of days. Anyways, Merry Christmas to all and to all a Happy New Year. 



One Response to “Christmas Eve.”

  1. I remember hearing years ago about the St. Nicholai PRE-RAPTURE, an event that would precede the end time rapture of the church by approximately 50 yrs. I never really believed it until now. I’m so excited over your new found footage of this phenomenon. They said that this finding would be the single greatest indicater to the return of christ and the end of the world. For those of you still doubting, just look at the facts. 1) The name of the church is St. Nicholai. 2) The church has no roof. 3) There has taken place an obvious disappearance of people………………. I don’t know about you, but it all makes sense to me.

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