Planes, plans, pains and Vitali

     These past few days have been some of the most eventful of my life.  For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been reinstated to the band, with a warm welcome.  I’ve fit in well again with the guys, and I’ve got along with everyone at the studio.  It’s like I’ve been here the whole time.  As far as the eventfulness goes.  About an hour after I stepped of the plane and was met at the airport by Johnny and Travis, we went to the studio to check out what the guys have been working on these past few months.  

           Although we continued studio work every day except saturday, we haven’t been resting the nights.  On saturday we went bowling with the guys from the studio.  We all went as friends but quickly became bowling enemies.  Of course our teams were divided by nationality (ours being called “Team America”) which turned our friendly game into a rivalry where our entire countries honor was at stake.  I’m proud to say that America is ahead four games to zero.  Although America had a little help from Catharina… who ended up scoring higher than me in the fourth game, we get by with a little help from our friends, right?

        Day two I got to meet Chris and Gwen and help move some furniture from their flat to ours.  Chris is a genius… that’s all that needs to be said.

        On day three we got to visit an indoor ski slope called the “Snow Dome.”  In the northern part of Germany – where we are – there aren’t any mountains, so if they want to enjoy snow time merriment, it needs to be on a man made slope.  We tore that place up.  Travis did a couple of backflips, Brandon jumped over fifteen snow machines, Greg went so fast it melted a hole in right through the center of the dome and Johnny and I… well… let’s just say that tiny babes were weeping at the beauty of our moves.  That’s pretty much exactly what happened.  (Let’s just say we all have pains in places we were unsure we had… ooooo)

     After that it was back to the studio to do some work on Beneath the Burning Rays… which has undergone some changes and we’re all sort of on edge because of what we want the finished product to be.  It’s going to sound great but, as with every musical project, there are different opinions as to how it’s going to sound.  

      Lastly, I’ve been introduced to many great German people, the most friendly of which being Vitali.  (Vitali from Italy… he’s not from Italy)  He’s a lovable sound tech here who has found a new love for Kool Aid.  (His first taste of Kool Aid was only a few days ago.)  Everything here is great.  Watching him work his magic on the computer is pretty awesome.  (We’re not allowed to say awesome here… it’s just not cool any more in Germany.)  I feel like I’ve transitioned well.  Hopefully we can show all of you what we’ve been up to soon.  Auf Wiedersehen!



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