Yo, yo, yolio!

Good afternoon, morning, evening and the like.

I hope all is well, friends. Things have been going well on this side of the sea, we’ve just been working on music, going to some concerts, and any and everything else we could do till we are back and recording in the studio – which, by the way, friends, we are making our way back in today! Finally! We can get some real progress… progressed. Yes. Anyway, let us get down to the nitty-gritty…

Alright, we’ve been working on a few new tunes, here and there. One of them in particular is coming along really well. I’ve been working on some different lyric ideas. Some of which are: (alakazam!!!) – poof!

(currently untitled)

Forget what you’ve heard.
The ring in your ears
That this “great revolution”
Hasn’t been one for years.

Forget what you’ve seen,
You’ve been forced to believe
That to invite illusion
Is to set your mind free.

Wont you tell me what is worth fighting for?
Wont you tell me what is worth dying for?

I’ve been working on the particular song for the past year or so, but we haven’t really touched it since now. It still has two more verses worth of lyrics to go before I can call it a set peice, but I think they will come along pretty soon. I just need to find some more inspiration… perhaps, a bit of heisse shokolade? Perhaps… but no one knows.

We’ve recently went to two concerts. One was on Monday at a super nice venue on the Reeperbahn. We watched a band called Captian’s Club (www.myspace.com/captiansclubprojekt). This band will make your brain explode. It’s a band made up of a billion of different people… I mean, not literally, but still a lot. They have a different singer for each song, each song is a different style, and each song is a revision of a different classic German folk tune. It was great; all of the different interpretations and styles. It was beautiful. Onto the second show review.

The second show we went to last night was a concert for a band called Felix De Luxe, which was a band from the 80’s, and they were apparently pretty big here in German during their time. It was something of a reunion gig; however, they aren’t planning on reuniting. All of the musicians were great in this band too, and their songs held up to what I remember them sounding like (I heard some of their stuff in the studio). The drummer played with a ton of different huge musicians, including Ringo Starr! Crazy, I know… And the keyboardist played with Tom Waits (but I was terrified to talk to him about it… I mean, Tom Waits. Wow.) I guess he was also nominated for a Grammy or something. Anyway, long story short, we had a good time at the show, and afterward we all went out with the drummer and the guitarist (which is our producer at the moment – great guy). Fun stuff.

So, I hope everyone is enjoying themselves and being safe. Do something amazing today!




2 Responses to “Yo, yo, yolio!”

  1. That sounds like fun! I haven’t gone to a concert in forever. Its good you guys were able to enjoy yourselves. I hope recording goes good! 🙂

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