Our Pad

so we decided to give you a glimpse into our day to day life by showing you our place of residence. It’s hip, it’s modern, it’s kitsch… I actually don’t know what that means but someone told me it was hip and modern to say.. anyways, our residence in Hamburg is where we eat, sleep and write music. We rehearse in the same room we sleep! Talk about having it made 😉 We wake up in the morning, usually get some breakfast. Johnny cooks eggs, brandon eats cereal, I have a top ramen and Trav skips the morning (if you could call it that) festivities. Then we usually hit up our computers, see what happened in America while we were sleeping, maybe go to the market and stock up on ramen, see if anything is going on the studio or wash or clothes. Then the jamming begins… Trav wrote a new song yesterday that we worked out, it’s pretty awesome, great chorus. After a bit of jamming it’s dinner time! Decisions, decisions. Yesterday, lemon pepper chicken and fried rice. It’s cheap and easy.. tonight, burgers… also cheap and easy. The night after, spaghetti.. catching my drift? 🙂 

anyways, here is a tour of our place brought to you by the one and only brandon. 





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  1. That’s awesome! 😀

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