Moving In

Well the past few days have been pretty good. We just moved into our new place two days ago which is another Tronical office in Hamburg. Its actually more of a shop with big machines and tools for the workers to get their stuff done. They made part of it into a living arrangement for us with a big room for us to sleep in, which will also be our practice room. It has a kitchen and three bathrooms as well so its pretty nice. There is still some construction work that needs to be done so its not all completely finished yet but, slowly but surely.

Unfortunately, our bassist Anthony wasn’t feeling like this was for him so he flew home on Monday. We are currently undergoing an idea that will fix this whole thing. We will keep you posted on that when we know for sure what is going on.

The past two days we have been recording the lead vocals for Love’s As Fierce As Fire, as well as harmonies too. I think they sound great. But we are still going through ideas so things might change up, it will be for the best though. I believe either tomorrow or the next day we will finally start recording a new song, we hope so because we are starting to get sick of the same song. Just kidding. We never will. 🙂

We miss all you guys and thanks for always reading these blogs and supporting us, we appreciate it.



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