Week two..

So we have been in the studio all week working hard on “Love as fierce as fire”. All the instruments are pretty much out and Travis is in the booth tracking vocals on the “Hitler Mic”…no joke. Sounds amazing though.

We all went to the Circus Roncalli early this week. It was absolutely amazing! It wasn’t the kind of circus with lions jumping through hoola-hoops, it was more bizarre then that. Kind of a mixture between the circuses in the 1800’s and cirque de soleil. Totally bizarre but awesome, something you just couldn’t see in the states. We even ate Italian food in a railway boxcar from the original Orient Express. They also had an incredible house-band, the guitar players and engineer came into the studio two days later and hung out with us, they were really cool. 

Two or three times a year in Hamburg they also have a carnival which Chris and Gwen took us too. We finally had some traditional German food there… but most Germans like to make the distinction that it’s Bavarian, not German. Some of it is great, other stuff just a bit too strange for my tastes. We didn’t stay too long at the carnival, Brandon has two fears in life… one is nuclear war, the other is carnies. He says they smell like cabbage. I think it’s more like sauerkraut though here in Germany. On a side note, we heard the song “Sweet Home Alabama” like 5 times that night. 

I think we are going to do finish up the vocals tomorrow including harmonies so we have at least one song down incase certain people want to hear it out here. I think it sounds great. Sorry for the lack of updates, the days just blend together out here. We basically spend everyday here in the studio. Also, we are going to bring back the webcam stuff, we kind of forgot about it for a bit but I think tomorrow I will set it up here in the studio in the back so people can see what we are up to. 



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