and so it begins..

Saturday we did a bit more sightseeing, went down to the Reeperbahn which is like the strip in Vegas but condensed down to 1 kilometer. Needless to say it was pretty intense and definitely an experience. We went to see a live band but left early because Travis was starting to get attacked by this drunk guy (he’s ok though).. After we left the bar we saw a dead person… but turns out he was just drunk too. That place is pretty bad.

Anyways, Sunday we relaxed and caught up on some sleep, nothing good there. Today though we were in the studio! We kind of got warmed up in there and did our soundcheck for tomorrow because we are going to lay down the guide track for “Love as Fierce as Fire”. Everyone was feeling good and after about an hour the nerves left us and we really started to make some music. Apparently we sounded good because they even recorded the last 3 songs that we did before we stopped. I think it is all sinking in with us the gravity of what we are doing, it’s a pretty exciting experience. Tomorrow is the big day though, when the actual recording of the album starts. It’s going to be a great time. 



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