the jet lag really hit us today.. I went to bed at around 1:30am but I think anthony was all the way up till 5am, needless to say none of us woke up till well past noon. Today was cold and raining, typical Hamburg weather but I think travis was excited to wear a p-coat and scarf. We went in the studio today, rehearsed a bit. We worked on a new song and nailed out all the parts and the structure as well as wrote out all the vocal harmonies…4-parts… I think we are just going to do some sight-seeing tomorrow and get a feel for the city and then the recording begins this weekend. We also met the singer of Baby Universal, you should all check them out. 

P.S. we went to McDonald’s and noticed that the coke was way different.



One Response to “so…”

  1. Grandma K. and Grandpa J Says:

    Great to see your pictures; we love the scenery. Start shopping for ear muffs, guys – the snow will be arriving soon !

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