Day 1+2

Hello Ladies and Gents.  

And welcome to the Official OnBeingHuman Website. As of this moment we are using it to host our new studio blog, as we are currently in Hamburg, Germany to record our full length album. You’ll be able to find our daily writings as well as our On Being: OnBeingHuman videos from our YouTube account, and photographs. You can also write your own comments to each post, so be sure to do so!

As for the update, we are currently in Hamburg, Germany, and it’s super cold, haha. But this country is beautiful and amazing. It’s so different than America. There’s so much more history and culture than we have in the States. Today we walked to the studio and we noticed that there was an old church building that dated back to 1751. There are a ton of old buildings like this too, and they’re everywhere! You have to come to Germany sometime. It will blow your mind. 😀 Anyway, we’re working on some new tunes and tightening up some old ones before pre-production. We’ll get some videos and pictures up soon, so you can follow along in our travels. 🙂 For now, you can watch a few of the videos and check out some of the pictures. We’ll update our page frequently, so check back when you are looking for a few minutes of entertainment. 😛

Travis and the Humans.


2 Responses to “Day 1+2”

  1. Looks good fellas!

  2. Kristin McMillan Says:

    yay!!!!! I’m so happy for you guys. I hope you have a great time. Keep Jesus First!!!!!

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