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Come With Us

Come with us and find your way.
We can find a better day.
We can set the world to right.
Don’t let the world get to your heart; let your voice sing out.
Come with us, we’ll light the way
Through shaded wood and darkened cave.
Across the sea, we’ll find the day.
Come with us today.

LostSignal (Kaleidoscope)

Cast beyond the cold,
With no stars to bring me warmth again.
I live on the brink of your world,
Beyond the rings of your galaxies;
Beyond the reach of all memory.
Everything is gone and it’s only me.
Where all our dreams crash
Like crystal shards these stars burst through
All of our eyes, like razors in our minds.
So far from everything the world has ever known:
This is the place that I now call home.
Hidden and scattered among debris,
Beyond the reach of all memory.
My current situation is irrevocable,
All past communications fell long ago.
I’m the bright light in the blue,
And my course is set for you.
I find my final resting place is now star and light.
My eulogy read by dust and the night.
My heart goes on while my mind lets go,
And no one will know.


I feel you in this darkened room,
I can sense you in the air.
Your whispers echo through my ears,
I feel your fingertips in my hair.
It’s as though the sands of time have turned against their own design
When both of our worlds collide.
Look toward the rising sun.
Cry out, “Bring forth the dawn”,
Till once again there’s light all around you.
When all our stars and planets align,
I’ll look for the faint sunrise
To shine so that all our eyes can see.
Your breath upon my neck
Sends shivers down my spine.
I hear two hearts are beating here,
But I can’t tell which is mine.
Even through the dimmest light, your eyes shine like the brightest skies.
It’s where both of our worlds collide.

Beneath the Burning Rays

If the expression of this is only from a feeling,
Would there be anybody left here where we live?
The openness and gripping sense
that makes my heart go reeling;
Is that the only response I have for what you give?
An ancient point of argument,
The direction we are turning;
The Earth revolves around the Sun,
I turn into the burning.
I have been made this of nothing I have done.
It’s something I’ve become; I’m burning in the Sun.
The choices I have made wont even bring the shade,
So I will make my place beneath the burning rays.
Intertwined into my very being;
The brevity of life is ringing true.
Overwhelmed by confusion that I’m seeing;
The gravity is pulling me to you.

Ceres XIV (The Lonely)

Somewhere between where the moon will rise,
And where the satellites
are reading through our minds,
You’ll find the place where I reside:
on a meteorite, spinning through the night.
Breathe, my darling;
Blink, my darling,
So I don’t feel alone in the unknown.
Breathe, my darling;
Speak, my darling.
Please, give me something to hold on to.
This machine can breathe the air;
She can think and dream and she is self aware.
Somehow, in all the chips and circuitry,
She’s brought hope to me as we fall into the night.
The wires inside your synthetic eyes
are flashing black and white.
I refuse to believe that you’re going to leave;
I need you by my side.
Breathe, my darling;
Blink, my darling;
Speak, my darling;
Live, my darling…

Love’s as Fierce as Fire

The world is an ear,
Deafened years ago
From bombs and blood and death.
It’s burned black and red.
It is raw and foul;
An ear attached to no head.
With love as fierce as fire;
Infernal heat to light the coals of hearts.
With love as warm as tears;
Weeks of rain, and deserts become seas.
The world is dry bones
Buried in the sand;
They’re motionless and old.
The world is a bird
With it’s feathers plucked;
It’s naked and so cold.
With love as hard as nails;
With love as fresh as spring.

This Great Revolution

Forget what you’ve heard.
This ring in your ear
That this great revolution
Hasn’t been one for years.
Forget what you’ve seen.
You’ve been forced to believe
That to invite illusion
Is to set your mind free.
Now, wont you tell me
What is worth fighting for?
Now, wont you tell me
What is worth dying for?
Forget what you’re told.
Don’t revel in what they say.
Though they break all their rules,
They want you to obey.
Forget everything
That you thought you knew.
To open your mind,
You must dream your world anew.
Now, wont you tell me
What is worth living for?

White Gems in the Sky

Endless Night, over Endless Sea,
Will your ice cold hand take grip of me?
Will I die by the light of the moon,
Under all the white gems in the sky?
Oh, how suddenly we can be ruined
And all be swept away by the sea.
Will I wait for you?
Danger lurks below,
As we touch the depths;
As we gasp for breath.
Will I die by the light of the moon,
Under all the white gems in the sky?
Oh, how suddenly we can be ruined
And all be swept away by the sea.
Though the chaos ensues all around me,
Where the fire is quenched from the rain,
And our hearts feel the pounding of thunder
As the lightning strikes over head,
I know through this storm I take comfort
Because I’m feeling your heart in the wind.
I will wait for you…

Tidal Wave

The shade brings warmth to my heart,
And drowns out the light
By rising up cities to block out the Sun.
Skyscrapers cast deep shadows;
Spilling dead night
Into eyes that forget why my blood still runs.
And then passion and will,
Heated by the Sun,
Are quenched and
kept hidden in sewers I have dug.
And I go on living
While the persistent drum
Of my heart screams for the ocean to come.
Violently, the tidal wave breaks
And topples my cities, leaving them to waste.
Through every alley and every room
The waters come crashing, leaving me in ruins.
It’s dreadful standing beneath this giant wave.
It falls like meteors, so beautiful and grave.
I thought that my two feet could hold ground;
I thought I was brave.
But it came with such a radiant force
With no chance of being saved,
And I was washed away.
Come, tidal wave;
Lead me to waste.
Through every pore and every vein,
Drown me in cold, blue seas
As deep and as dark as death.
You send me tumbling
Through dangerous and powerful seas,
But you always bring me to
Warm and white and sandy shores…

Things We Learn While We’re Away (The Little Prince)

Star have lit the way,
They shine 44 times a day.
I want a place where things make sense,
With people unconcerned
of matters of consequence.
I’m unsure that I should go.
Should I leave my rose?
Is this really my home?
But if I don’t leave then I will never know.
Stars have lit the way,
I’ve come across the King of Space.
I can’t believe I’ve come this far,
To find a single man owns every star.
A moment’s pause to applaud the vain.
Should I light a lamp or watch the sunrise?
The more I go, the more I know
That home was there all along.
Could you find your love in the midst of a crowd?
I could find my love in a field of thousands.
It’s taken this long to find
Someone worth spending time.
Now, I think that I could cry;
It’s time to say my final goodbye.

In the Midst of Sunken Ships

There’s a land in the distance;
It’s where the beasts lie within.
There are those who beg for forgiveness,
And those who die for their sins.
I hear her voice as it sings to me,
And as she calls out my name.
It brings warmth to my heart,
Yet it sends poison through my veins.
And she sings to me,
Yes, she sings for me.
And her voice brings me to dream
And she sings to me,
Yes, she sings for me.
And she pulls me beneath into the sea
She’s the queen that has captured my heart.
She’s far more precious than diamond and pearl.
I see the glory of the Sun in her eyes.
And though I’ve been warned, I can’t turn my ear.
The sunken ships below bring me no fear,
Nor does the lightning flashing above in the sky.
Finally, I realized, at the ocean’s floor,
The bones of the others she’d sunken before.
But all of these men were mistaken, indeed,
For surely this song was for me…

A Conversation Between Two Planets

And I’ll sing to the Sons
and the Daughters of Earth,
As my light turns to darkness;
As my dawn turns to dusk,
“May you find hope,
May you find home.”


A long awaited update…

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A lot of incredible things in the works. Can’t say much, but we’re all super excited about it. 🙂

In other news, I have been working with a small video game review and information website. You can visit it at

More to come,

Quotes from San Francisco

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So, Greg and I ventured to San Francisco this past weekend with Kevin Garcia from I Am Cassettes. Great band. Check them out. During our trip I took note of a few things that we said:

Travis: As we’re getting closer to San Francisco, I’m beginning to feel more liberal.
Greg: Really? I think I’m feeling more conservative.

Kevin: Hmmm… no one has tweeted me back yet.
Greg: It’s been thirty seconds.

Greg: Her dad was the CEO of (censored)… she was really hot…
Travis: That’s it?
Greg: I think I’ve said all that needs to be said.

Kevin: Sometimes asians have really big boobs and they look cool.

Greg: Not all whores are prostitutes, but all prostitutes are whores by default… occasionally prostitutes can be sluts too.

Greg: … I don’t even know how to respond to this… I hate having to flirt with chicks.

Kevin: I once ate Subway with olives. I ate it at 11… crapped it out at 1… I’ll never forget that…

Travis: Whoa… those people are messed up looking.
Greg: … That’s because we’re watching a cartoon.

Kevin: Is that salt water?
Greg: … it’s the ocean.

Kevin: San Francisco has fog, Ontario has smog.
Greg: Kevin has a log.

Kevin: What did the gun on the sword do in Final Fantasy 8, again?
Greg: It shot things.

Travis: Bioshock. Seriously, an amazing game. You guys have to play it! I beat it 14 times. 7 times on the XBOX 360… it was so good that I purchased it for the PS3 as well. I beat it 7 times there too.
Kevin: Why did you play it so many times?
Travis: It’s that good. It only takes about 7-10 hours to beat. I mean, it’s like how you sit down to beat Mario all the time.
Greg: Yeah, but Mario only takes 6 minutes.


Travis’ E3 Recap

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I just watched all of the press conferences of E3, which is, for those who do not know, one of the biggest gaming conventions that there are… maybe the biggest. Here’s my run down of what I thought about each of the company’s shows…

Microsoft’s Press Conference:
Some of the games covered were Call of Duty: Black Ops, Metal Gear Rising, Gears of War 3, Fable III, and of course, Halo: Reach. Now, all of these games look great, and all, but none of them really captured me. Chances are that I will be purchasing COD:BO and MG:R, but I don’t think I’ll be purchasing any of them new… if I purchase them on the 360 at all.

After they showed us some gameplay footage and trailers to these games, they then moved on to Project: Natal, which had, the night before, been renamed “Kinect”. I’m not going to lie, I know many people out there that call themselves “gamers” were pissed about this section of the press conference – I must admit that I wasn’t too thrilled about it either – though, I have to say that I found the idea of this feature intriguing. I can see a great amount of potential for the product, however, I think it might be weird controlling without holding something in my hand. Something about standing while holding an invisible steering wheel in my hand seems odd. I just don’t understand it. But using Kinect as a tool for exercise and yoga techniques seems interesting. The new Harmonix dance game, “Dance Central”, also caught my eye. Though I don’t think I would ever play the game, I think it is going to be a strong driving force for the peripheral.

They also announced a partnership with ESPN, which I think will have a huge draw to the sports gamers. It’ll be interesting to see how that pans out.

Sony’s Press Conference:

Some of the big games shown for the PS3 were Killzone 3, Little Big Planet 2, Portal 2, Final Fantasy XIV, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Infamous 2, Medal of Honor and Twisted Metal.

Overall, their show was pretty good. They had an awesome guest appearance by Kevin Butler, which was hilarious, and they showed a ton of upcoming content. The games in their lineup are going to be huge, and I’m really interested in trying out the 3D games and games that incorporate 3D elements.

They also discussed a feature for the Playstation Network titled “Playstation +”, which is going to be the equivalent of XBOX Live, as far as I can tell, with the same pricing points. I’m not sure what I think of this though. I barely even fork out the $50 for XBOX Live anyway… nor do I really play games online. But, clearly, I’m not their targeted audience. 😛

The PS Move makes me worry a bit for Nintendo. Clearly, it’s a far superior controller, and the PS3’s graphical capabilities far exceed Nintendo’s. The first sign of my worry was when EA came onstage and announced that they would be releasing Dead Space 2 with a remastered version of Dead Space: Extraction; a game that had previously been a Nintendo Wii Exclusive.

Nintendo’s Press Conference:

A new Zelda, Kirby, Goldeneye, Donkey Kong Country, Star Fox, Mario Kart, Pilotwings, Animal Crossing, Paper Mario, Metroid, Sonic, NBA Jam, Professor Layton and an all new Kid Icarus game?! This year was insane! A complete turn around from the years before. Overall, I would say that their press conference was the best… the only moment I was a bit worried was when they were having technical difficulties with the new Zelda game display… it was almost unbearable to watch, haha, I felt terrible for Miyamoto.

They also showed off the Nintendo 3DS, which looks crazy! I can’t wait to get my hands on it, myself. For those who don’t know, it’s a new handheld console that has a 3D display, but best of all, it can be viewed without the use of 3D glasses.

Great E3; can’t wait to see what else will be announced within the next few months!


Elementary, my dear Watson

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So, today we played an acoustic gig at an elementary school. It was awesome! There were about 300 kids there (roughly 320 people, adults included). School shows are the best – there is just something about playing music in front of young kids. It’s like they aren’t afraid of “not looking cool”, you know? They aren’t afraid to clap, sing, dance… ahh, to be young again! They all seemed to really enjoy it, as did we. 🙂 Especially and definitely, the highlight was when, just as we finished the last chorus of “LostSignal”, a little kid threw up everywhere, right in the middle of the entire audience. It was wonderful! HAH! Beau, being the nice guy that he is, took the Billy Madison approach and talked about how he threw up all over the place when he was in school, to make the kid feel not-so embarrassed. Poor kid, haha. He’ll never forget seeing On Being Human, though… ever. 😛


Our album is out!

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You can get it here:








New York, Artwork, NAMM, Avatar, and Magical Uli.

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Greetings, fellow Humans.

I hope all is well, and that you are all enjoying the beginning of what is going to be a great year! There’s a ton to talk about, so let’s get started!

On Monday, Greg is flying to New York to help mix our album! Not to say that the man who is currently mixing isn’t doing a great job, because he has and is… it’s just that most of these songs are very specific on how they need to sound… most of them are upwards from 150 audio tracks per song (even the first song of the album has 35 vocal tracks, alone!). It’s crazy… and I can’t wait for you all to hear it! So, by the end of this week, the songs will be mixed and mastered and good to go!

The artwork is also in the works. It’s looking fantastic (though we’ve only seen the sketches). We’ve been trying to have the artist create something that would incorporate all of the stories in our songs into one picture. And so far, it’s looking like it’s doing just that. It even has the planet with the lamp from the book The Little Prince, which one of our songs, “Things We Learn While We’re Away”, is based upon. It’s very exciting… and is so close to completion, finally! Haha.

Lastly, we were invited to the NAMM convention by Chris Adams and Robert Pearson to look at some equipment and meet some people in the industry. It was all of our first year there, though Greg and Beau had gone to the Music Messe in Frankfurt last year. For those of you who don’t know, the NAMM is a convention where a ton of companies showcase their newest music products; anything from guitars to pedal boards, and saxophones to microphone preamps… there’s everything! But besides the products, you’ll see a ton of famous people from the industry. We saw Uli John Roth, Ted Nugent, Gene Simmons, Slash, Michael Angelo Batio, Vinnie Paul, Kyle Gass, Ron Jeremy (haha), Zachary Vex, and others (that I can’t remember at the moment)… but, by far, the one that completely changed our lives – forever – was the most talented human being alive… ever… on the face of this great planet that is Earth… Weird Al! 😀

some text

Awesome, I know. 🙂

We actually had a long talk with Uli John Roth, who had previously listened to our music with Chris and Gwen Adams. He gave us a lot of advice, and even shared some ideas with us about how to perform certain parts of our songs live. He then asked us if we’ve seen Avatar, and we said “yes”, and he said, “Listening to your music made me feel the same way that I did when I saw that movie”… which was the coolest complement that we had ever received. He also said that by listening to my voice that he was able to tell that my astrological sign was a Cancer… which, amazingly, is true, haha! He then proceeded to tell us that he doesn’t care what kind of wood his guitars are made of, as long as it’s magical. 🙂